Earphones 當 Microphone 用??!

Emergency MicrophoneThe best video clips are here

The following trick will seem
over-obvious to some, while others would have never considered the
idea. But here’s a short howto video on using your (eg. mp3 player’s)
earphones as a microphone for voice conversations in Windows Live
Messenger and similar software. Works best with a laptop unless you
have a very long wire.

我試左一陣都唔得~=.=’ 明天再試~
有興趣都試下~ 試到話俾我聽啊!
d咁搞笑的東西, 我玩左電腦咁耐(好耐咩)都唔知=.=”

又或者條片玩d白痴仔 (我?=.=)

我自己試到~~~ 好好玩^_^
其實Mic. 同 Speaker原理係一樣~
反之, mic都可以當speaker~