[Solved] Grand Theft Auto 4 Startup Black Screen / Freeze / Launching Slow @ 2018

Recently, Steam version’s GTA4 suddenly cannot launch correctly, just black screen.  If you keep waiting to that, around 2 mins, you actually can get into the game menu.

After some research, it turns out related to network problem. Blocking network connection for GTA4 will make the game launching faster as usual. Here is the solution (Tested on Windows 10 only):


  1. Go to “Windows Settings”, search “firewall” and click “Windows Defender Firewall”
  2. Click “Advanced settings”
  3. Outbound Round => New Rule => select “GTAIV.exe” and click next next next and finish.
  4. Repeat step 3 with “gta4Browser.exe”
  5. Done.


從 GTA V 論遊戲價格

GTA V 已經玩咗約 261 小時,雖然初出嗰時用 USD 46 買返嚟,印象中好似未試過貴買一隻遊戲。但玩到二百小時以上其實算值回票價。

而之前有一段時間我好迷嗰啲 Game Bundles,即係Humble Bundle 和 BundleStar 等等。雖然話好平,幾個美金就有幾隻遊戲,但當中其實大部份都唔啱我口味,玩一小時左右就放棄。



GTA V iFruit for Android – 香港及 PC 版可用

iFruit 可以更改 GTA Online 的車牌號碼及與小查進行互動。但奇怪地,在香港,無法在 Google Play 上下載 iFruit,因此在此我提供一下 APK 安裝檔,此版本可支援 GTA V PC 版。

下載 (140MB): https://louislam.net/files/ifruit.zip


  1. 解壓 ifruit.zip。
  2. 複製 Android 資料夾及 ifruit.apk 到你的 Android “\sdcard” 位置。
  3. 在 Android 上安裝 ifruit.apk。
  4. 完成。