Support KVM only. OpenVZ is not supported.

  1. Backup your files on your VPS.
  2. Install CentOS on your VPS.
  3. Install these packages:
    yum install -y gawk sed grep glibc-common
  4. Install Windows by running the following command:
    wget --no-check-certificate -qO '' && bash -dd ''

    It may takes up 40 to 90 mins, depends on your VPS. The ssh session will be closed. You cannot see the progress on the ssh.

  5. If your VPS provider supports VNC, you may see “Starting up the partitioner”. It is normal, just pay attend.
  6. After that, you can login to the Windows by RDP or VNC using this Windows Account:
    Username: Administrator
    Password: Vicer




DigitalOcean 就快到期,所以都時侯睇下有冇其他 VPS選擇,好感謝Github Student Pack 免費送DigitalOcean 俾我用一年半左右。

而上星期左右,找到一間美國VPS AlphaRacks,USD 9.99 一年。申請了試用幾天,除了ping 輕高之外,當時都很滿意。但好景不常,當我轉移了這個網站的時候,發現速度CPU不穩定,懷疑 cpu core 根本不是獨佔,建議不要貪平用它架站,當玩下好了。

之後找到 HostUS,並且有香港伺服器,如標題所說 USD 35每年,HKD 24 每個月左右,這個價錢可說是無敵,因為香港的 Shared Hosting 都不可能 24元一個月。成功申請後,ssh 入去,只能說速度超爽,畢竟是本地伺服器,Ping 只有 5ms。

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