[VestaCP] How to make a domain as the default domain of this IP/Server

If your VestaCP has more than one user account, you have to do step 1 and step 2.  If not, you can jump to step 3 directly.

  1. Open the config file with any editor: /etc/httpd/conf.d/vesta.conf
  2. Move the preferred user to the top of this file.
  3. Open /home/admin/conf/web/httpd.conf
  4. Move the preferred VirtualHost to the top of this file.



  5. Restart the apache server

    service httpd restart

[Note][VestCP] Backup is not working properly after restore

I have just re-installed my VestaCP and restore all VestaCP users recently. Everything seems to be OK after restore. However, for daily backup function, one of my domain data was not included in the backup file.

And I fixed the problem by just running the following command on SSH.

v-rebuild-web-domains <user name>

After that, try to run this command to see whether is really backup successfully.

 v-backup-user <user name>

Source: https://forum.vestacp.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=4310


DigitalOcean – 價廉的 VPS

使用以下連結,可穫得 USD 10元的優惠!

使用 DigitalOcean 已三個多月,其實之前一直都使用 Scicube 這個平價 Web Hosting,因為 Github Student Pack 免費給我 USD 100元優惠卷的關係,所以把自已的網站轉到 DigitalOcean。每個月月費是 USD 5元,即是可免費使用大約兩年時間,實在是感激 GitHub 和 DigitalOcean 的資助。

Web Hosting 基本上只限於使用 PHP, MySQL等功能,沒有自由度可言。而 VPS 基本上就是自已一部 Linux Server,基本上裝什麼都可以。配合 VestaCP (相似於 cPanel, DirectAdmin),就是一台大容量,大流量,無限制的網頁伺服器。

DigitalOcean 速度雖然不是十分快,但可以接受,畢竟伺服器在新加坡,不在香港。 Latency 一般在 50ms – 100ms 之間,上下載速度基本上也有 2 MB/s。


  • DigitalOcean 5USD/month
  • CentOS 6.5
  • VestaCP

使用以下連結,可穫得 USD 10元的優惠!