[Solved] Grand Theft Auto 4 Startup Black Screen / Freeze / Launching Slow @ 2018

Recently, Steam version’s GTA4 suddenly cannot launch correctly, just black screen.  If you keep waiting to that, around 2 mins, you actually can get into the game menu.

After some research, it turns out related to network problem. Blocking network connection for GTA4 will make the game launching faster as usual. Here is the solution (Tested on Windows 10 only):


  1. Go to “Windows Settings”, search “firewall” and click “Windows Defender Firewall”
  2. Click “Advanced settings”
  3. Outbound Round => New Rule => select “GTAIV.exe” and click next next next and finish.
  4. Repeat step 3 with “gta4Browser.exe”
  5. Done.


Install Windows 7 x86 on KVM VPS using dd

Support KVM only. OpenVZ is not supported.

  1. Backup your files on your VPS.
  2. Install CentOS on your VPS.
  3. Install these packages:
    yum install -y gawk sed grep glibc-common
  4. Install Windows by running the following command:
    wget --no-check-certificate -qO DebianNET.sh 'https://moeclub.org/attachment/LinuxShell/DebianNET.sh' && bash DebianNET.sh -dd 'https://moeclub.org/get-win7embx86-auto'

    It may takes up 40 to 90 mins, depends on your VPS. The ssh session will be closed. You cannot see the progress on the ssh.

  5. If your VPS provider supports VNC, you may see “Starting up the partitioner”. It is normal, just pay attend.
  6. After that, you can login to the Windows by RDP or VNC using this Windows Account:
    Username: Administrator
    Password: Vicer


(Source: https://moeclub.org)


和楽器バンド – 君がいない街 LRC 歌詞

[01:01.097]君のいない街で 僕の声は響く
[01:10.597]許されるのならば もう一度会いたい
[01:20.650]人形が住む街 君だけが真実
[01:30.285]間違えたのならば どうすればいいだろう?
[01:59.976]人形が住む街 君だけが真実
[02:09.535]何気ない日々を 抱きしめてる
[02:39.030]君のいない街で 僕の声は響く
[02:49.155]許されるのならば もう一度会いたい
[02:58.414]幻想が降る街 君だけを探して
[03:08.209]間違えたのならば どうやり直せばいい?
[03:18.414]誰もいない街だ 君だけが足りない
[03:27.784]苦しいよこんなに どうすればいいだろう?


和楽器バンド – 細雪 LRC 歌詞

[00:52.371]少しずつの すれ違いは